Choose a package listed below and call at  1 418 697-5132  to make a reservation. For information, send an email to:

bear observation PACKAGE  

(reservation must be made before 12 :00 p.m.)


27 $ / person
plus taxes

(12 years or less)

15.50 $ / person
plus taxes

Family Package (4)
(2 adults and 2 children 12 years or less)

76.50 $
plus taxes

Half-day package - CAO -

observation of wild bears + Canyon + first nation -CAO- (48 hours. reservation)

Group of 20 or more $ 50.50 / person plus taxes
1 person $ 194.50 / person plus taxes
2 people $ 99 / person plus taxes
3 or more people $ 68 / person plus taxes
children 0-8 years  Half price


Black bear observation + CANYON + Voyageur canoe - CRO -

(Reservation required 48 hours in advance)

Group of 20 or more 40 $ ​​/ person plus taxes
1 pers. $ 163.50/person plus taxes
2 pers. $ 83.50/person plus taxes
3 pers. &+
$ 56.50/person plus taxes
Children 0-8 ans Half price

Full day package

(Reservation required 48 hours in advance)

Departure time for the full day package - 10:00 a.m.

1 adult

525.00 $ / person plus taxes

2 adults

290.25 $ / person plus taxes

3 adults

213.00 $ /  person plus taxes

4 or more adults

178 $ /  person plus taxes


60 $ /person plus taxes

DeTAILS for the full day package


Details of the full day package

 10h00:        Arrival at the main pavilion. Safety demonstration and distribution of equipment (boots, socks, raincoats, mosquito-proof vests, etc.).

A one kilometer long walk along the Mars River canyon, enjoying the beauty of nature.

Information about the black bear – its biology, characteristic markings, feeding, habits, reproduction, movements, and habitat.

Short hike along a nature trail on the bank of the river. Information on the means of harvesting wildlife in Québec (hunting, fishing, trapping); Interpretation of different geological features found in the area.

Guided tour of a First Nations site, including information on traditional medicine, way of life and dwellings.

Departure for Lac Côme, lunch served in a log cabin on the shore of a magnificent wilderness lake.

Excursion on the lake in a Voyageur canoe.

See an active beaver dam and learn about the beavers’ habits, habitat, reproduction, and feeding. Visit an interpretive site about moose and discuss its biology, habits, habitat, reproduction, and feeding. 

Observation of black bears in their habitat from the safety of a watchtower.

17h15:             Return to the central pavilion. End of adventure.