Okwari aventures, an ecotourism business, located only a few kilometres from the city, stands by four (4) exciting activities. Okwari aventures offers visitors an educative incursion in a natural environment surrounded by wildlife. While promoting the respect of the environment in a relaxed perspective and discovery-friendly, Okwari offers an ecotouristic experience high in colours featuring animals, plants, trees, mushrooms and more. The main attraction, the american black bear, can be observed in its natural habitat. Installed comfortably in an observation viewpoint, a massive wooden framework topped by a vegetal roof, the explorers for a day will observe, in safety, the fascinating comportments of that majestic beast.

Furthermore, our clients will wander in a Rabaska canoe (canoe able to accommodate 10 people) on a majestic lake in a enchanting landscape; Côme lake. Visitors will also have the occasion to hike on a short trail landscaped on the border of the Rivière à Mars to understand the realities of the Quebec forest. Its management, its harvesting activities, animals that inhabit it, here are only some of the subjects that will be treated during that hike. Finally, the day ends with a visit of a reproduction of a native american site with the company of an amerindian woman who will make you discover the life of Amerindians during the arrival of the europeans in the 1600s. A visit filled with sensations awaits our explorers!

Also, to satisfy the appetite of our clients, a meal will be provided in a scandinavian type log cabin. The Côme lake camp is placed on the border of a peaceful lake where peace and quiet reign.

Looking forward to welcome you and to do business with you.

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7400, chemin des chutes, Saguenay Québec, G7B 3N8
1 418 697-5132